Calm Caesarean Class

Lotus Calmbirth can provide an individualised Calm Caesarean Class to prepare you to confidently move toward the day of your baby’s birth.

There may be several reasons an obstetrician recommends a planned caesarean instead of labour for your upcoming birth. Medical situations including placenta praevia, footling breech, maternal health concerns, or baby with some known health concerns are a few of the potential reasons.

Although initially it may come as a bit of a shock; having a planned caesarean does not mean that the birth of your baby needs to be any less joyful or special.

During this private class Lainey will clarify why and discuss with you the reasons for caesarean. There may be questions you could consider asking your obstetrician to further your understanding. Her midwifery experience will take you through the beautiful journey of mental, emotional and physical preparation for your baby’s birthday.

This 2 ½ hour session aim to:

  • Strengthen your knowledge of Caesarean section
  • Provides calm caesarean visualisation CD to listen to up to your baby’s birth
  • Consider some options to make your baby’s birthday more meaningful, gentle and calm
  • Empower you with knowledge and some Calmbirth® skills to use before, during and after the birth of your baby
  • Debrief, clarify and work through any concerns, if unexpected challenges have occurred.
  • Discuss any previous labour, birth and postnatal experiences

This private calm caesarean class cost is $260 per couple

Remember Health rebates are available through most health funds for antenatal classes run by a midwife.

* If you would like to book please email Lainey.